Jaguar E-type Lightweight

print shown with frame and mount (not included) print shown with frame and mount (not included)
The legendary Jaguar E-type Lightweight model transformed the standard E-type into a competitive race car on an international level.
strictly limited to only 18 prints worldwide
Built with lightweight aluminium bodywork and a fixed hardtop that, along with the modified rear-end, provided aerodynamic advantages over the standard E-type bodywork, the car also features significant performance modifications to the engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension. Twelve cars plus two spare bodies were made by Jaguar from an initial chassis allocation of 18.

In some ways, this car was an evolution of the E-type low drag coupé. It made extensive use of aluminium alloy metal, in the body panels and other components. However, it remained an open-top car in the spirit of the D-Type to which this car is a more direct successor than the production E-Type which is more of a GT than a sports car. The cars used an aluminium block tuned version of the production 3.8-litre Jaguar engine with 300 bhp output rather than the 265 bhp produced by the standard version. Factory-built lightweights were homologated by Jaguar with three 45DCO3 Weber carburettors in addition to a Lucas mechanical fuel injection system. Early cars were fitted with a close-ratio version of the four speed E-type gearbox, with some later cars being fitted with a ZF five speed gearbox. The cars were entered in various races but, unlike the C-Type and D-Type racing cars, they did not win at Le Mans or Sebring but were reasonably successful in private hands and in smaller races.

Lightweights were built by the factory early in E-type production partly as a means of helping to promote the new Jaguar XKE through victories on the race track. Although plans existed to produce 18 of these factory-built racers, just 12 were made. In May 2014 however Jaguar's Heritage Business announced it would be building the six 'remaining' lightweights. The new cars, using the unused chassis codes, would be hand-built to exactly the same specification as the originals. Availability was prioritised for established collectors of Jaguars, with a focus on those who have an interest in historic race cars.

Although the base price of the 'new' lightweights was a staggering £1 million this is considered a bargain compared to the original lightweights that can sell for over £6 million. The beautiful lines of the lightweight are highlighted perfectly in this limited edition print, whose print-numbers reflect the final production count of the actual cars.

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    80 x 38 cm image size
    88 x 46cm outer dimensions including white border is added to the above size around the image to allow for a mount or your personal frame
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    Printed media:
    3M silk polyester (160 g/m²)
    ensuring optimal long-term protection from dust, moisture and is crease and tear resistant

    Framing not included
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