Limited Edition Graphics - the designer

Chris Warner began his career as a 3D surfacing expert and Mechanical Engineer that has spanned over 20 years. He then turned to freelance 3D work and professional graphic design and has worked with some of the worlds top automotive manufacturers, car and motorcycle race teams and venues. Chris knows that when cars speed past us on the race track and road it's the colours, shapes and patterns we see and love.

What drove you to launch Limited Edition Graphics?

"Whilst creating 3D models of race cars for clients and using them for visualising either new models or livery designs, some of the camera angles and styles caught my attention. I then started to produce more detailed models and larger format renders and the feedback has been great, especially from non-car lovers who have appreciated the art form of the cars and style of the prints."

What did you do before creating Limited Edition Graphics?

"I was, and still are, a freelance graphic designer working primarily with clients in the automotive and motorsport industries. I work implementing and designing team and car branding, 3D visualisation, website design and development and sports sponsorship services."

Was it in motorsport where you learnt 3D design?

"Motorsport is where I honed my skills but I was previously a 3D surfacing consultant and project manager for a global Computer Aided Design company. I used to travel around different companies helping with the software implementation, training users and designing."

So you must have modelled some interesting parts then?

"It was a very varied job, one day I could be designing drinks dispensers and the next torpedo's for submarines."

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

"One of the highlights was being part of the design team on the Bugatti Veyron engine and the other was the complete bodywork design and engineering on the Mitsubishi World Rally Car. It is still enjoyable when I see both these rare cars on the road and track and know that I played a part in their development. More recently I was commissioned to design the initial bodywork concept for the Renault Megane RX Supercar. This car is being built by Prodrive and will be seen on track in the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship driven by Guerlain Chicherit."

What is next in the pipeline?

"The creation of further silhouette designs and the production of some new styles that I have trialled. There are some other things but you will have to check the website, Facebook or Instagram account for updates"
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